Ana SayfaGüncelIstanbul: Despite police blockade HDP’s Conscience and Justice Watch is on the 4th day

Istanbul: Despite police blockade HDP’s Conscience and Justice Watch is on the 4th day

ISTANBUL – ‘Conscience and Justice Watch’ started by HDP in Diyarbakir continues in Kadıkoy, Istanbul despite the police barricade around the park. Four days have passed since the watch started and many people including activists, citizens, labor organizations and lawmakers from Republican People’s Party (CHP) came to show their support.

The first day of the “Conscience and Justice Watch” began after a group meeting held by HDP (People’s Democratic Party).

Citizens gathering in Khalkedon Square marched through the busy streets of Kadikoy to enter the park where the Conscience and Justice Watch is held.

After police blockade, HDP pm: Barricades won’t discourage us

Police blocked the way by using barricades as the crowd was trying to enter the park.

HDP lawmaker Mahmut Togrul stated that barricades won’t discourage them:

Since two years our lawmakers, co-presidents and co-mayors have been taken as hostage. We will raise the struggle against injustice and unlawness.

CHP Kadikoy District President Ali Narin was also one of the many to visit the watch.

Let’s not stop! Change it together!

2nd day of the watch: Many political parties and organizations visited to support

The “Conscience and Justice Watch” continued on it’s second day still besieged by barricades.

United Revolutinary Party, Green and Left Future Party, Socialist Party of Oppressed and Socialist Re-establishment Party visited the park.

Professional Associations and Labour Organizations such as DISK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB were also in the park on the second day to give support to HDP and the watch.

CHP committee visited and emphasized ‘solidarity’

Conscience and Justice Watch

On second day CHP committee visited the Watch including İstanbul Proviancal Chairman Cemal Canpolat and lawmaker Sezgin Tanrıkulu.

Canpolat and Tanrıkulu emphasized ‘solidarity’.

Canpolat stated that ‘they are with HDP’:

We’ve seen  on the way here how badly our country need justice and freedom . Justice demand is all people’s, 80 million’s demand. This idea is mutual ground for us. Without using violence, everyone needs to improve the demand and make it everyone’s demand. We will always try to be in solidarity. We are with them.

3th day of Conscience and Justice Watch, HDP pm Önder: ‘Gezi spirit is going to be alive again’

On the 3th day of Conscience and Justice Watch HDP lawmaker Sırrı Süreyya Önder said ‘It’s so important for us to be visited by CHP yesterday, it increases our influence. We are going to make Gezi spirit alive once again’

Peace Mothers (Barış Anneleri) visited the Watch with ‘Hear the mothers’ peace screams!’ call to government.

Cumhuriyet lawyer Utku:  I was released but now I see  that I’m not out

Lawyers of Cumhuriyet Newspaper searched by police three times through the barriers before they enter.

Bülent Utku, lawyer of the Cumhuriyet who was detained last week said ‘I thought I was released but now I see the view of the outside and realised that I’m not out’.

Alevi Organizations also visited the park and in a statement they said ‘It’s not just Kurdish people’s watch, it’s all humans’ and conscience’s watch. We must increase the after affect of this watch’

Police didn’t allow instruments to enter, performancers made their own

MKM and BEKSAV’s performance sang song, even though police didn’t let them to take instrument in the park they turned nearby objects into music instruments.

4th day of Conscience and Justice Watch

On the 4th day of Conscience and Justice Watch, after a match between Fenerbahçe and Sturm Graz, Fenerbahçe’s Outside Left Supporter Group watched the park for safety reasons over the night.

HDP Kadıköy District Co-President Ercan Demir said ‘This self sacrifice is caused by one thing: our belief in democratic policies and closeness of the days that people will be free’.

HDP watcher lawmaker Hişyar Özsoy made the statement for the day:

Erdoğan and AKP government are making Turkey alone. Erdoğan is under isolation, he is trying to isolate us to continue to govern.

HRA spokeswomen: ‘Courage is important’

Human Right Assocation visited the Conscience and Justice Watch on this day, and spokeswomen Eren Keskin said ‘This is the first time we’re experiencing such a thing. We always find a way to get through it whenever we are on ropes. Courage is important’.

After HRA, ÖDP (Freedom and Solidarity Party) came to park. Hayri Kozanoğlu speaking for ÖDP said ‘All fractions should be together, resistance is a right. We found HDP’s watch so important we are going to continue supporting it’.

Reported by: Ezgi Gül, Tolga Er